We recently hosted our first tech talk at Gusto!

Nikhil speaking about React.js and WebPack

One of our engineers, Nikhil Mathew (pictured above), spoke about the journey Gusto went on to scale our massive front-end application. In particular, he covered our decision to move from Backbone.js to React.js, and from the Rails Asset Pipeline to Webpack.

The talk ended with an awesome live coding session, demonstrating how Gusto does front-end development.

Nikhil is going to publish a written form of his talk here on this blog shortly, but in the meantime, check out the video and slides from his talk:

Download the slides in pdf form.

Over the years, Gusto has grown to help more than 30,000 businesses with their payroll, benefits, and HR. Underlying this software are really innovative software design patterns, tools, and architecture. We'd love to share more of our learnings with the broader technical community. Going forward, we're committed to giving tech talks at least on a quarterly basis (and hopefully more frequently!)

Hope to see you at our next tech talk!